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C-Magic Radiant

C-Magic Radiant
C-Magic Radiant

Made in the USA.
Radiant will coat virtually any automotive surface providing a hydrophobic surface, but also providing a much brighter finish than most products available. Washing is easier, faster and you'll find your wash cycle to be considerable less than a non ceramic vehicle finish. Rain and water no longer become threats to your vehicle surface as it propels not only the water but light debris from the vehicle.

C-Magic's Ceramic product generally cures in 12 hours but can take longer due to higher humidity conditions present. Generally choosing a bright dry environment promotes curing and refraining from apply other products on the surface for a couple of days ensures a good cure!

Bird droppings, light contaminants, and debris just don't stain the surface or cling as they had previously. Not intended to be a 7to 9H competitor, you'll find Radiant to be a sprayable ceramic product with lasting qualities that is extremely easy to apply!

Recoat as often as you'd like! 16 oz.

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