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Car Capsule

Car Capsule
Car Capsule

Available: 16 ft and 18 ft; Prices starting at:
The Ultimate Cover for your Corvette. Features continuous airflow to keep your car dry, stop corrosion and mildew, and eliminate mustyinterior odors. A filtered-air system keeps it dust and insect free. The clear inflated bubble protects your investment againstchildren, pets, and accidental dings, while still showing off your car! It is also very economical to run. Only about $1.50 permonth! Makes expensive dry packs, air conditioners, and humidifiers unnecessary. Different sizes are available for differentCorvettes, or any vehicle that you want to protect.


1. For indoor use only.

2. Do not put any material under the floor section, it will only trap moisture! This can create mold or mildew.

3. Locate the air intake filter away from outside doors or sources of heat such as water heaters, furnaces, roll-up metal doors or washer/dryers.

4. Keep the air filter clean by hand washing in warm water. You may use a mild dish soap if necessary.

5. Do not place any source of heat inside the cover (not even a light bulb).
6. If Car Capsule is first used in extremely cold climates, blow up in a warm area to help PVC become pliable.
7. When you set up your Car Capsule for the first time, it will have a lot of wrinkles. As it is kept inflated, the remainder of the wrinkles will work themselves out.

8. If your Car Capsule gets dusty you can use a car duster. To remove stains, use warm water and a mild dish soap.

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'53 through '82 - 16ft (16' x 72" x 68")
Retails for: $489.00

'84 through present - 18ft (18' x 76" x 68")
Retails for: $519.00
16 ft.
18 ft.