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Tire Cradle 4-Piece Set

Tire Cradle 4-Piece Set
Tire Cradle 4-Piece Set

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Made in the USA
It's a fact that when a vehicle sits for long periods the tires flat spot. The reasons that tires flat spot are basically a function of pressure, temperature and time. Flat spotting is either temporary, in that the tire will round out with driving, or permanent which affects the belting and casing of the tire. Permanent flat spots effectively ruin the tire. There are no real indicators that tell when a temporary flat spot will become permanent. TireCradles will prevent any type of flat spotting from occurring on your low-profile tires.

Benefits of Using TireCradles
Guaranteed for life.
Accepts vehicle weights up to 10,000lbs.
Accepts tread widths from 4 to 15 inches.
Proven by independent testing to prevent tire flat spots.
Easy to use - just park on them!
Great for long term or daily storage.
Conforms to the unique shape of your tire.
The original flat spot preventing product on the market.

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