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Z06/C6 Corvette Nose Mask

Z06/C6 Corvette Nose Mask
Z06/C6 Corvette Nose Mask

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Available in 16 colors; Prices starting at:
Take care of you Z06 with this nose mask designed especially for the C6 Z06. Available with or without plate pocket.

Key Benefits & Features:

Colors that blend beautifully with all factory exterior colors

Color matching makes the product "invisible" at speed and won't detract from a vehicle's lines.Tri-Layer Fabric System protects from the inside out

The outmost layer provides defense against rocks, gravel and road debris and consists of the highest quality marine grade vinyl, featuring UV protection, colorfastness, breathability and suppleness that will not fade, mold, crack or split. The middle layer wicks moisture away from paint surfaces dispersing it through the outer breathable layer. This eradicates any incidence of damage to paint surfaces resulting from entrapped superheated moisture.

The innermost layer pampers paint surfaces with a cotton chamois felt that is a full 2 ounces of cushion between your paint and the road.

Patterns & Designs featuring quality craftsmanship and materials with smart engineering

A tailored fit guarantees incomparable performance that will not flap, shift, or rub.

Speed rating of 150mph.

Installation & Fastening The non-metallic fastening system uses no metal tabs or glue and requires no drilling or modifications for installation.

Product mounts easily within the wheel well using existing vehicle hardware.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Second Day or Next Business Day shipping is not available for this item.

Price with License plate pocket - $734.95
Price without License plate pocket - $689.95