Corvette Racing The First 20 Years Book
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"Corvette Racing: The First 20 Years" by Nigel S Dobbie

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"Corvette Racing: The First 20 Years" by Nigel S Dobbie. The race team Corvette Racing started competing in 1999 and this book tells the story of the nearly 200 endurance races entered since then over twenty racing seasons. The book tells the story chronologically of all of the races, all the fantastic victories and bitter defeats. Corvette Racing raced 1999-2004 using the C5-R chassis in the GTS Class, 2005-2009 in the GT1 Class using the C6-R chassis before switching mid-season in 2009 to the C6R GT2 chassis. They raced until the end of the 2013 season with the C6R GT2 chassis and from 2014-2018 competed using the C7-R GT2 chassis. The Corvette Racing race history of every Pratt & Miller Corvette chassis they have raced is documented in this book as are the stories of all eight Le Mans Class victories and ninety-nine victories in North America. Corvette Racing as an entity is just a name, the people who carry that name close to their hearts are the reason for the success of the team over the twenty years. People like Gary Pratt, Jim Miller and Doug Fehan are constants in an ever-changing story, they are the glue that keeps it all together. The twenty-six GM factory drivers who have raced for Corvette Racing over the twenty years all share the driving duties - everyone who works for the Corvette Racing Team shares similar traits: a steely determination, will to win, skill, bravery and never give up attitude. This is their story. Hardcover; 464 pages.